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III. The Meeting of our Lord


Great Vespers


Receive, Simeon, Him whom Moses once beheld in

darkness granting the Law on Sinai.


Come, and with divine songs let us also go to meet Christ

and let us receive him whose salvation Simeon saw.


Mine eyes have seen the mystery hidden from the ages.

Made manifest in these latter days. (Colossians 1:26)


Search the scriptures, as Christ our God said in the Gospels.

For in them we find Him born as a child and bound in

swaddling cloths, laid in a manger, and fed upon milk

receiving circumcision and carried by Simeon. Not in fancy

nor imagination but in very truth has he appeared unto the

world. (John 5:39)


Adorn thy bridal chamber, O Zion, and welcome Christ the

King. Salute Mary, the heavenly gate, a swift cloud. For

she has been made a throne of the cherubim and she carries

the King of Glory. (Psalm 79:2)


From Joseph Simeon receives gifts fitting for God, a pair of

doves, symbols of the spotless Church and of the newly

chosen people of the Gentiles, and two young pigeons. For

he is the Originator of the two covenants, both the Old and

the New. (Leviticus 12:8; Luke 2:24)




"Isaiah was cleansed by receiving the coal from the

Seraphim," cried the old man to the Mother of God, "Thou

did fill me with light as thou entrusts to me, with they

hands as with tongs, Him whom thou holdest, Lord of the

light that knows no evening and King of peace." (Isaiah



As a light to lighten the Gentiles, has Thou made thyself

manifest, O Lord. You are the Sun of righteousness seated

upon a swift cloud. . . (Isaiah 19:1)


Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America



I.                   The Feast of the Holy Cross


Great Vespers


Moses prefigured thee, O precious Cross, when He

stretched out his hands on high and put Amalek the tyrant

to flight. For when he stretched out his arms in the form of

a cross, the people became strong again. And now the

fulfillment of these images has come to pass for us. (Ex.



The crossing of the hands by the patriarch Jacob at the

blessing of his children foreshadowed the mighty token of

the cross. Having it as our safeguard that cannot be

overthrown, we drive out with invincible strength the hosts

of demons.




In times past Joshua, the son of Nun, stretched out his arms

crosswise, o my Savior, mystically prefiguring the sign of

the cross, and the sun stood still until he had defeated the

enemy that resisted Thee, O God. (Joshua 10:12-13)


Inscribing the invincible weapon of the cross upon the

waters, Moses marked a straight line before him with his

staff and divided the Red sea, opening a path for Israel who

went over dry-land. Then he marked a second line across

the waters and united them in one, overwhelming the

chariots of Pharaoh. (Ex. 14:21-29)


Moses set upon a wooden pole a cure against the deadly

and poisonous bite of the serpents. For crosswise upon the

wood as a symbol of the cross he placed a serpent that

creeps about the earth, and thereby he triumphed over

calamity. (Num. 21:8-9; John 3:14)


The rod of Aaron is an image of this mystery, for when it

budded it showed who should be a priest. So, in the

Church, that was once barren. The wood of the cross has

now put forth flower, filling her with strength and

steadfastness. (Num. 17:8)


In the days of old Moses transformed with wood the bitter

wells in the wilderness, prefiguring the brining of the

Gentiles to the true faith through the cross. (Ex. 15:23-25)


The rock that was struck and gushed forth water for a hardhearted

and disobedient people, made manifest the mystery

of the church, chosen by God, for the cross is her strength

and steadfastness. (Ex. 17:1-6)